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Tri Clamp sanitary fittings also called as Tri Clover fittings are one of the most common types of connections in the food and beverage industries. A Tri Clamp sanitary connection typically consists of two Tri Clamp flanges or ferrules.Tri Clamp and Tri Clamp Gasket, to mechanically hold the connection together.These connections can be semi permanent or permanent, using bolted high pressure Tri Clamps, or they can be connected with fold over, two segment style Tri Clamps for ease of disassembly and ease of cleaning.

Tri Clamp Fittings

Tri Clamp Fittings

Tri Clamp Ferrules

Tri Clamp Ferrules

Tri Clamp Flanges

Tri Clamp Flanges

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Tri Clamp Fittings Sizes

Tri Clamp Fitting sizes are decided by the external diameter of the tubing or pipe, not the external diameter of the flanges or Tri Clamp itself. The ribs of a Tri Clamp fitting ordinarily has almost a ½” inch greater breadth than the outside distance across of the pipe.This will become especially confusing when the Tri Clamp fitting has no pipe connected to it, as is the case with adapters, For instance, a 1.5" Tri Clamp to 1/2" hose barb adapter isn't 1.5" inches in any dimension

Tri Clamp Fittings Sizes

Pipe Outer Diameter
Flange Outer Diameter
Pipe Inner Diameter
1" 1.98" .87"
1.5" 1.98" 1.37"
2" 2.52" 1.87"
2.5" 3.05" 2.37"
3" 3.58" 2.87"
4" 4.68" 3.83"
6" 6.57" 5.78"
8" 8.57" 7.78"
10" 10.57" 9.69"
12" 12.57" 11.81"

Tri Clamp Fitting Dimensions

Tri Clamp fitting Sizes

Tube OD Flange OD Clamp Size
1/2" 0.984" 3/4" Clamp
3/4" 0.984" 3/4" Clamp
1" 1.984" 1.5" Clamp
1.5" 1.984" 1.5" Clamp
2" 2.516" 2" Clamp
2.5" 3.047" 2.5" Clamp
3" 3.579" 3" Clamp
4" 4.682" 4" Clamp

Tri Clamp fitting Dimension

Maximum Clamp Pressure Ratings (PSI)
Single Hinge (13MHM) Double Hinge (13MHHM-DP) High Pressure (13MHP)
Size 70F 250F 70F 250F 70F 250F Max Torque
3/4 in. 1500 1200 1500 1200 1500 1200 130 In LBf
1.5 in. 500 250 500 250 1500 1200 130 In LBf
2 in. 450 250 450 250 1000 800 130 In LBf
2.5 in. 400 200 400 200 1000 800 130 In LBf
3 in. 350 150 350 150 1000 800 130 In LBf
4 in. 200 125 200 125 800 600 200 In LBf
6 in. 150 75 300 200 200 In LBf
8 in. 100 50 250 150 200 In LBf
10 in. 40 30 200 125 200 In LBf
12 in. 30 25 150 100 200 In LBf

Tri Clamp Fitting Standards

  • Material of valve: AISI304, AISI304L, AISI316, AISI316L.
  • Working principle: Can be welded on the pipeline and adjust the flow qty in the pipe line.
  • Medium: Beer, Pharmacy, Dairy, Beverage
  • Standard: SMS, DIN, 3A.
  • Flux domination of pipeline: DN10-DN200&1/4"-6", applied to the stainless steel pipeline system.

Tri clamp Fittings Pricelist

Tri clamp Fittings Tri clamp Fittings Price list
Stainless Steel SS304 Pipe Clamp Ferrule C Type Tri Clamp Fittings US$ 1.00-US$ 100.00 / Piece
stainless steel sanitary 1.5" tri clamp to 1/2" bsp male adapter US$ 3.68-US$ 3.76 / Piece
304/316 Stainless Steel Sanitary pipe Tri Clamp Fittings US$ 3.00-US$ 59.00 / Piecet
Sanitary SS304 Stainless Steel SMS DIN ISO BPE Tee With Tri Clamp Fittings US$ 1.00-US$ 100.00 / Piece
Steel ferrule full size 3A sanitary tri clamp/electrical clips/circular clamp for pipe fitting US$ 1.00-US$ 100.00 / Piece

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